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Hello and Shalom! Welcome to the place where dreams are made, and relaxation awaits.  This concept has been a long-time dream of mine and I am more than proud to share it with you.  Developing the sanctuary is an extension of an already wellness-driven medical spa and sanctuary just steps from your door!  Healing Hamsa, my other business, is geared towards skincare, soul therapy, and spiritual reawakening.  Providing services just downstairs makes this unique retreat truly something special.  Building an experience out of it, a one-in-a-million!


Being in the grove has its own special place in my heart.  The surrounding storefronts, restaurants, and entertainment make this destination walkable to so many city treasures.  I have truly fallen in love with the neighborhood and can't say enough about the many new and exciting wellness concepts it supports.  On top of being close to other wonderful businesses, I find the location itself a true city gem.  Easily accessible from the highway and views of the arch!  Count me in!  A destination spot even if you live within the city limits.  This is the perfect staycation, and I love absolutely everything about it.


Selfcare Sanctuary was an idea of building a perfect weekend.  Finding a way to take a step back without feeling compelled to explain that journey to anyone.  Checking in to check out!  Turning off your phone with a cozy book, breakfast in bed, fitness, and facials.  Away from the world even if only for a weekend.  This is what self-care dreams are made of, right?!  I am a mother and find this to be the most important element of excelling in this title.  Putting self-care as a high priority.  Not just preaching it, but truly living it.  Even when it means taking a night off.  Or, in this case, a weekend.  You know you deserve it.


Thank you for choosing to explore this extremely heartfelt and personal creation.  My daughter and husband had a special hand in this project.  As my biggest supporters and ultimate cheerleaders, I know this spot is surrounded by lots of love!  May you feel that while you stay.  



(Jodi, Ornir, and Yuli Bitton)

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